Welcome to the Columbia University Biostatistics Technical Report Series. The papers available on this site represent some of the current research being conducted by members of the department.

Established as a division of the Columbia University School of Public Health in 1940, the Department of Biostatistics was one of the first in the nation. It provides analytic and data coordination expertise and collaboration to Columbia University Medical Center schools, departments, centers, and institutes. It maintains a vibrant and dynamic teaching, research, and consulting atmosphere. The department participates in myriad fields of research in medicine and public health (e.g., epidemiology, neurology, cancer, AIDS, psychiatry). Its Statistical Analysis Center provides data management and statistical analysis for both phase II trials and phase III multicenter, double-blind, randomized clinical trials, as well as large observational projects. The department also houses research projects in the Division of Statistical Genetics; a brain trauma imaging research group; and a Traumatic Brain Injury Data Coordinating Center. All this is integrated with an increase in appointments of well-trained, pioneering faculty and a growing, talented, and diverse student body.