Include your Working Paper Series in COBRA

What we offer institutions:

  • An attractive, easy-to-navigate site that will increase the visibility of your faculty and their papers.
  • Prestigious participants like Berkeley, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. To see all of participants please explore COBRA.
  • An email notification service based upon a large network of scholars and practitioners in biostatistics.
  • Custom alerts to interested parties. In addition to our email notification service, scholars in biostatistics are signing up to receive weekly notices of newly posted content. Readers can set these alerts to cover a specific series (e.g., University of Michigan) or a specific subject area (Clinical Epidemiology, Human Genetics, etc.) that draws content from across institutions. The papers of your faculty are thus pushed to interested parties in a number of different ways.
  • Posting papers in the COBRA repository is quick and easy. We automatically convert Word or WordPerfect files to PDF on your behalf.
  • Prominent placement of your school's logo, the series editor, and a link to your school. This is your working paper site; it is simply hosted by bepress.