Readers of this 2009 collection of papers on targeted maximum likelihood estimation may also be interested in the 2011 book "Targeted Learning: Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Data" by Mark J. van der Laan and Sherri Rose published in the Springer Series in Statistics ( Several of the papers featured in this reader were adapted and included as chapters in the "Targeted Learning" book.


This is a compilation of current and past work on targeted maximum likelihood estimation. It features the original targeted maximum likelihood learning paper as well as chapters on super (machine) learning using cross validation, randomized controlled trials, realistic individualized treatment rules in observational studies, biomarker discovery, case-control studies, and time-to-event outcomes with censored data, among others. We hope this collection is helpful to the interested reader and stimulates additional research in this important area.


Biostatistics | Statistical Methodology | Statistical Theory