Nonparametric Locally Efficient Estimation of the Treatment Specific Survival Distribution with Right Censored Data and Covariates in Observational Studies


Published in "Statistical Models in Epidemiology, The Environment and Clinical Trials" (1999). IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications (ed. M. E. Halloran and D. Berry), Springer Verlag, Vol. 116, pp. 135-178.


In many observational studies one is concerned with comparing treatment specific survival distributions in the presence of confounding factors and censoring. In this paper we develop locally efficient point and interval estimators of these survival distributions which adjust for confounding by using an estimate of the propensity score and concurrently allow for dependent censoring. The proposed methodology is an application of a general methodology for construc- tion of locally efficient estimators as presented in Robins (1993) and Robins and Rotnitzky (1992). The practical performance of the methods are tested with a simulation study.


Statistical Methodology | Statistical Theory | Survival Analysis

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