The COBRA Preprint Series contains manuscripts by top researchers, many of which will eventually appear in leading journals. For a look ahead to tomorrow's cutting edge research, browse the papers below.


Submissions from 2006


A unifying approach for haplotype analysis of quantitative traits in family-based association studies: Testing and estimating gene-environment interactions with complex exposure variables, Stijn Vansteelandt and Christoph Lange

Submissions from 2005


Sample size and power calculations for body weight in beef cattle, Claudia Cristina Paro Paz, Alfredo Ribeiro de Freitas, Irineu Umberto Packer, Daniela Tambasco-Talhari, Luciana Correa de Almeida Regitano, and Mauricio Mello Alencar


New Statistical Paradigms Leading to Web-Based Tools for Clinical/Translational Science, Knut M. Wittkowski