Submission Guidelines for UW Biostatistics Working Paper Series

Policies and Procedures:  Who?  What?  How?

  1. Who can contribute a paper?
    1. Faculty.  Any departmental faculty member, including affiliate faculty, can contribute a paper on which s/he is an author or co-author to the department’s Working Paper/Technical Report series.  Visiting faculty can contribute papers that reflect work substantially completed during their tenure in the department. 
    2. Students.  Most typically, students in the department will co-author papers with faculty in the department.  Therefore, contributions are largely covered by (A) above.  If a student wishes to contribute a paper that has no faculty co-author from the department, the student should acquire the endorsement of some faculty member to “sponsor” the contribution.  By agreeing to sponsor a student’s submission, a faculty member has determined that the student’s paper is appropriate for the Series and satisfies departmental policies for the Series.
    3. Alumni.  Departmental Alumni may contribute papers to the Series with a faculty sponsor as described in (B) above.  Typically, contributions by an alumnus will be within a few years of graduation, the paper will be substantially related to the student’s thesis or dissertation work, and the faculty sponsor will be the student’s advisor or a member of his or her committee.  However, faculty sponsoring contributions by alumni may execute discretion in allowing exceptions to these typical circumstances.
  2. What can be contributed?
    1. Contributions to the department’s Working Paper/Technical Report Series should be complete papers comparable to a manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.  Faculty making or sponsoring contributions to the Series are responsible for assessing that contributions meet this standard.  Contributions to the Series will typically be pre-prints of papers under review or longer versions of published papers.
  3. How is a paper contributed?
    Send an email to Cathy Greenbaum ( and include the following:
    1. A pdf version of the entire paper. Please include a title page.
    2. Word version of the Abstract section only.
    3. Key Words (if not already provided in the document). Maximum of 6 words or phrases.
    4. Email addresses and affiliated institutions of all authors outside our Department (if not already included on the title page).
    5. Subject category/discipline relating to your paper. The default will be "Biostatistics" unless you identify another area from the following list that more closely defines the nature of your submission.
      1. Applied Statistics
      2. Bioinformatics
      3. Biometry
      4. Biostatistics
      5. Categorical Data Analysis
      6. Clinical Epidemiology
      7. Clinical Trials
      8. Computational Biology
      9. Design of Experiments and Sample Surveys
      10. Disease Modeling
      11. Epidemiology
      12. Genetics
      13. Genomics
      14. Health Services Research
      15. Institutional and Historical
      16. Laboratory and Basic Science Research
      17. Longitudinal Data Analysis and Time Series
      18. Medical Specialties
      19. Microarrays
      20. Multivariate Analysis
      21. Probability
      22. Statistical Methodology
      23. Statistical Models
      24. Statistical Theory
      25. Survival Analysis
      26. Vital and Health Statistics